itemVerse, Z502 and D502 agreed to sign a partnership.

itemVerse website

Since it has not been listed yet, most of the people might be unfamiliar with itemVerse. However, this is a must know game and NFT project developed by 30 companies who participate in Korea Blockchain Association.

Using ADA in D502 swap time machine

What was impossible becomes possible by using this gate and will let blockchains that have never get involved with DeFi to participate.

Cardano (ADA) will start first. Impossible to possible.

D502 Swap Time Machine users are now available to start staking the following new pairs.

  1. Z502/USDT
  2. Z502/USDC

Check D502 Swap Time Machine from the link below!

New features are as below:
1) Chart will be added in D502
2) Can start staking pairs of Z502/USDT and Z502/USDC. These two pairs are also eligible to earn a staking reward. Terms to earn a reward is also the same.

Maintenance operation will be held for about an hour from 12/8/2020 12:00 GMT to 12/8/2020 13:00 GMT.

Please be aware that you cannot access to our website and please be assured that there is no problem with the current staking system.

We are very excited to announce that the D502 DeFi system, “D502 Swap Time Machine,” has just launched!

D502 Swap Time Machine

As we mentioned before, go receive your 1000% staking bonus for limited time only!🚀🌟

✅Final block height

We’re planning to add more pairs, so please stay tuned!
Followings are the pairs you can currently swap






How to Swap

  1. Click on the exchange button from the menu and you will be directly taken to the Swap/ Pool page.

In D502, we’ll provide various types of pairs such as Z502/ETH pair and very excited to annouce that we’ll start a special staking bonus for a limited time only!

📌Starting from block height:11,357,502
(from about Nov. 30)
📌Last block height:11,537,502
(end at about Dec. 28)

✨Go receive your bonus between 180,000 blocks!



D502-DeFi provides a service to earn staking rewards and able to exchange crypto currencies. We know that everyone is being curious about how Z502 is going to get involved with this DeFi.

As soon as D502-DeFi is launched, you will be able to Pool and Swap Z502-ETH pair. Normally, DEX charges transaction fees on a certain percentage when you swap a token. In D502-DeFi, you can choose which token to pay the fee. Not only you can pay the fees with ERC 20 tokens such as ETH and USDT, but will be able to pay with tokens that are distributed from different platforms such as ADA.

Z502, of course, can be used to pay for transaction fee and will receive 50% transaction fee discount. So Z502 holders can use D502-DeFi with an advantage.

We soon will make another announcement about the D502 token, so please stay tuned.

We will implement all the plans that we had in phase 2 at about a same time we launch D502.

D502 is an Ethereum based DeFi, but is able to trade and staking other than ERC20 tokens.

Users staking ADA/ETH pair will earn staking fees for each token.

502 Bad Gateway Token (Z502)

Z502 is a community token created to protect all those who are invested in crypto-currency. Adopted as an exchange token for Angoo FinTech

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